How to Become a Stylist

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How to Become a Stylist

In a world where personal style plays an increasingly important role, the demand for skilled stylists continues to grow. From fashion shoots and runway shows to personal styling and wardrobe consultations, the realm of styling offers endless opportunities for those with a keen eye for fashion. In our latest podcast episode, Ashley Clay tells us about her journey into the styling world. Listen here:


If you find yourself drawn to the world of style and have a passion for helping others look and feel their best, a career as a stylist might be the perfect fit for you. Let us guide you through the essential steps to embark on your journey to becoming a stylist.


Develop Your Fashion Knowledge: 

A solid foundation in fashion knowledge is essential for any aspiring stylist. Immerse yourself in the fashion industry by studying fashion history, trends, and the work of renowned designers. Follow fashion blogs and magazines and attend local fashion events to stay up-to-date with the latest styles and emerging trends. Building a solid fashion vocabulary and understanding various aesthetics will enhance your ability to communicate and connect with clients.


Hone Your Style: 

As a stylist, your personal style becomes your calling card. Experiment with different looks and aesthetics to define your unique fashion sensibility. Explore various fashion eras, experiment with distinct cuts, colors, and textures, and learn how to curate outfits that tell a story. Developing your style will set you apart and serve as a source of inspiration for your clients.


Education and Training:

While formal education is not a prerequisite to becoming a stylist, enrolling in fashion or styling courses can provide valuable knowledge and credibility. Look for programs that offer fashion styling, image consulting, and personal shopping courses. Additionally, seek internships or apprenticeships with established stylists or fashion agencies to gain hands-on experience and build your professional network.


Build a Portfolio:

A strong portfolio is essential to showcase your skills and attract potential clients. Begin by offering your services to friends, family, and local models or photographers to gain practical experience. Next, document your work through high-quality photographs and create a visually appealing portfolio highlighting your versatility and creativity as a stylist. Finally, consider making an online presence through a website or social media platforms to reach a wider audience.


Network and Collaborate: 

Networking is crucial in the fashion industry. Attend fashion events, join professional organizations, and connect with other stylists, photographers, designers, and makeup artists. Collaborating with other professionals can help you expand your knowledge, gain exposure, and create valuable connections that can lead to exciting opportunities in the future.


Assist Established Stylists: 

Assisting established stylists is an excellent way to learn the ropes of the industry and gain insider knowledge. Seek opportunities to work as an assistant or intern for seasoned stylists, fashion agencies, or media production companies. Assisting professionals will provide valuable mentorship, allow you to observe their workflow, and teach you the intricacies of the business.


Continual Learning and Adaptation: 

The fashion industry is ever-evolving, and staying current is essential to thrive as a stylist. Continually update your knowledge by attending workshops, seminars, and fashion shows. Keep an eye on emerging fashion trends and technological advancements that can enhance your styling techniques. Embrace lifelong learning and adaptability to remain at the forefront of the industry.


Becoming a stylist is a rewarding journey that allows you to combine your passion for fashion with the joy of helping others express their unique style. By developing your fashion knowledge, honing your personal style, gaining relevant education and training, building a portfolio, networking, and continually learning, you’ll be well on your way to establishing a successful career as a stylist. So embrace your creativity, seize opportunities, and let your unique fashion perspective shine.