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Our volunteer opportunities are for people of all ages and abilities. We rely on volunteers to help grow our community, connect with learners all over the country, and post helpful tips and tricks. Volunteer opportunities can be customized to your schedule. Volunteer times start at 2 hours a week.

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Donate Materials

We partner with a sewing organization in St. Louis, Mo. who distribute materials to students for free and sell it for $2 per pound to creatives. We believe in reducing the need to buy new materials which can be costly. Mail us your unwanted materials today!

City Sewing Room
6700 Arsenal St, Saint Louis, MO 63139



Financial Donation

Help us provide financial assistance to our students with a tax deductible donation to Craft Academy. Our mission is to provide sewing and crafting lessons to children and adults. You can donate online now, or mail a check, payable to:

The Olivia Rae Design Academy
4119 N Hwy 67 Florissant, Mo. 63034.

You can also send us donations via Paypal at


Your patrons can gain access to our platform if you are a library, school, museum, or community center. Your patrons will have access to classes that promote job readiness, entrepreneurship, and personal development anytime-anywhere. Our students gain helpful life skills and become lifelong learners.

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Volunteer and Partnership Interest

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Volunteer and Partnership Interest

Volunteer in Tanzania

Craft Academy volunteers at Turnbull Tech Training College in Tanzania! It is an enlightening experience rooted in our mission of increasing access to arts education worldwide. Teaching sewing, crocheting, and knitting resonated with the eager “fashionistas” at Turnbull, where resources are limited, but the desire to learn is infinite. We teach technical skills and instill a sense of empowerment and self-expression.
Tanzania Volunteering Trip
Tanzania Volunteering Trip 2

We have witnessed the transformative power of creativity firsthand. Throughout our classes, a sense of camaraderie and joy fills the air, magically transcending language barriers and cultural differences. Our time at Turnbull reaffirms the universal language of art and its potential to foster economic empowerment and personal development, even in challenging circumstances.

Our volunteer efforts at Turnbull Tech Training College showcase the importance of expanding access to arts education. By sharing practical skills and planting seeds of possibility, we are contributing to a future where creativity and individuals can thrive. Through this volunteer initiative, we are taking tangible steps toward our mission of making arts education accessible to all, enriching lives by Crafting Anytime. Anywhere.

Tanzania Volunteering Trip 3

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